Become a Catholic

Become a Catholic

"Come and See" - (John 1:39)

How to become a Catholic?

There are several ways to become a Catholic. The Catholic Church warmly welcomes new members and tries to provide appropriate spiritual formation according to each person's needs. In general, there are two categories for people who are becoming a Catholic: infants and young children; and people who, baptized and not baptized, have had little or no religious training in the Christian faith.

Young Children and Infants:

Children who are born or adopted into Catholic families usually are baptized as infants, a practice that began early in the Church's history. This makes sense because the children will be raised in a Christian environment, learning the ways of faith from their parents and other family members, and eventually receiving formal religious training through their catechism school or religious education program. For the same reason, children whose parents enter the Catholic Church before the children have reached school age also are baptized.

People with Little or No Christian Background

Catholic Church usually runs a yearly course for those who want to become Catholic. This course refers to the "RCIA" which stands for "Rites of Christian Initiation of Adults". The course will teach the history of the Church, the beliefs and values of the Catholic Church, and the proper order of celebration of Mass. In addition, it is to prepare them for baptism into the Catholic Faith.

Those who are ready and may be elected before they are baptised in Catholic Church on Easter Vigil. You will receive your Sacarement of Baptism, Sacrament of Holy Eucharist and Sacrament of Confirmation.

For more information about the RCIA, please click the link here.

Find Your Local Church

Anyone who is thinking of becoming a Catholic, and for more information about Catholic Faith, you may contact our Parish Office of Church of Holy Redeemer Klang or your nearest Catholic Parish. Meeting with the church parish or another member of the parish pastoral staff ordinally is the first step in the journey toward becoming a Catholic.

To find a Catholic Church near you in Malaysia, check the directory at Google Maps as below. You may also find the parish contacts from the local Archdiocese or Diocese from the links provided below.

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