General Roman Calendar


01 January: Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God

02 January: SS Basil the Great and Gregory Nazianzen, Memorial

06 January: The Epiphany of the Lord

07 January: St Raymond of Penyafort

13 January: St. Hilary of Poitiers

17 January: St. Anthony the Abbot

20 January: St. Fabian

20 January: St. Sebastian

21 January: St. Agnes

22 January: St. Vincent of Saragossa

24 January: St. Francis de Sales

Resources from "The Weekday Missal - A New Edition - Weekday Masses For the Proper of Seasons * Ordinary Time * The Proper of Saints * Occasional Masses * Masses for the Dead", Collins, 1982, This edition 2005.